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you are missin out big on a cool gif I made =)
    Welcome...this page is all about my tattoos. 

    Growing up, everyone surrounding me had a tattoo, mom, dad, all their friends, and well, I of course wore fake ones. =)  Dad has a tattoo on his arm with a heart and my name thru the ribbon, he got it when mom and him split thought it was pen...needless to say the ink is still there after several years. =)  Still with me?  Good.. okay, so now..for the good stuff.  After joining the army back in Febuary of 98, I discussed it with mom (still being a minor and all) if I could get a tattoo, and she agreed.   I couldn't dare go alone to get this *forbidden*, who better to bring along than my best friend Jaime.  She discussed it with her parents, and before we knew it we were there in the chair.  I got my second tattoo in March of 99, and that's a purple daisy, with a VW symbol, it's small.. and on my tummy.   I got my third tattoo in November of 2001 in Georgia and it's a nice lil piece on my lower back.  The heart symbol means rememberance of the past.   I went with several of my army buddies to get it, on our way home from Kosovo.

   In September of 2003 in Milano Italy I went and had my fourth tattoo done. It was a spontaneous event, passing by a tattoo parlor.. went in and well, just HAD to get one. I got a sunflower with a tribal stem on my right foot. Pictures will be coming soon. I've always wanted one on my foot... now I want one on my left foot.

In July of 2004 I had nautical stars placed on the backside of both arms, right above the elbows, they are red with a yellowish hue in them as well. In March of 2005 I got a bird on my Right arm, it covers a good portion of my arm and well, it's quite colorful, with bright pinks and blues. It has a long feather tail that extends down to my elbows and intergrades with my nautical star on my right arm, this one by far is my favorite.

that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed yourself! :)
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