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This is Jeannie's Page

Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself.

Here you'll learn all about me: my interests the people in my family, my friends,  my pet, and more. I've also included pictures of my friends and trips around the world.

I'm Just A Girl.  I don't have any issues with that statement.  I'm proud of who I am, and who I will become.  Each day offers new endeavors and adventures.  I hope to live each day to the fullest and explore the entire world before I retire from life.

Please sign my guestbook with any comments, questions, or concerns you have to my site. I'd love to hear from you!

Andy, Jeannie and Kacz in Qatar, July 2003

What's New?

There's a lot new in my life. Everything seems to be going quite well, might I add. There shall soon be an "updated" page, of what is going on *now*.

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