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*~*~*Best Friends 4 Eva*~*~*

Here's a picture taken on January 4, 1998. On the left hand side is Jaime and I'm on the right.

The Girls at the Beach

Us in New York during the family reunion...

Jaime and I have been friends since 1994, since we were Freshman in High School. At first we didn't click, but, once we started hanging out, we were attached! Jaime and I have spent the last years together, things haven't been easy, with me being in the Army, but we manage to make it all work. She's been a great friend, and I love her so dearly for that. In 2001 she married Jeffrey and then in May of 2003 Jaime gave birth to baby Oliva. I'm an auntie by circumstances. Both events I have missed, due to the army, but she's so supportive of me... and I thank her for that. I love you Jaime! Thanks for everything girlie, I couldn't have asked for a better sister, and now I have two!

Beginnin of it All:
More Pictures: