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Well, if ya know me...then you know the fetish I have with Boston.. ohh how I love it.. *giggle* There is SOO much to do there, I just can't list all the things..and if you aren't from around here, then you don't know what you are truly missing at all. There are over 60 college campus' in Boston, enough said!!

Ever seen Real World in Boston?  Here is a picture of the house I took personally...

 Fire House 

Newbury Street has got to be one of my favorite places in the Boston area. At one end is the public garden with swan boats and The Ritz Carlton Hotel and on the other end, Near Tower Record is the small area where what I'd call "freaks" hang out. Near Newbury Street there are some other great locations to check out, such as the Prudential Center, John Hancock Tower, and The Hard Rock Cafe, FAO SWARTZ.

+ Newbury Street's eight cross streets are alphabetical, from Arlington to Hereford, so it's always easy to know where you are.

+ Charley's Eating and Drinking Saloon, at 248 Newbury, was the original home of the Berkeley School of Music.

You can find everything on Newbury Street from Art buildings to fashion clothing to home decor and restaurants.

I've had some great times in boston, from Dicks' Last Resort (who woulda thought they would write on my t-shirt), to Fenway park baseball games (cold weather does not kill people believe it or not).  Not to mention my visits to the Science Museum (even if we ressold our tickets) and all the wonderful train rides-T and Commuter Rail (the free rides were the best).  Something about the atmosphere, that i just LOVE. :)

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