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April 11, 1997

One of the best concerts I have ever attended. It was a Friday and took place in New Haven, at the Coliseum. I made sure we arrived early, as I didn't want to miss any of the show. We arrived around 6:00p.m and well, the doors weren't even open yet. I was so excited. The doors finally opened, and we immediately went inside, I bought a t-shirt (the razorblade suitcase). Then we walked around, and went looking for our seats. Well, I knew that they weren't the greatest seats, but when we got there and saw that we were on the top row, and all the way in the back, we figured we had to move. So we did, and well, we ended up with decent seats. Even though we had to move about 3 times. A few minutes after 7:30 the opening band Veruca Salt began, and well, they Rocked!! I enjoyed seeing them live, and thought they were a blast. It was really funny when one of them Nina or Louise, almost fell over. But who wouldn't would 4 inch KISS look alike boots. Well they performed all of their great hits, and were a lot better than what I expected. But then, we patiently waited for BUSH. I was so excited. Then they walked on to stage, and the crowd went crazy and screaming!!! Gavin looked so hot, as usual. They were great. It was Nigel's birthday, so we sang happy birthday to him. Gavin told off the security, and that was kewl. They played a lot of music from their farely new cd RazorBlade Suitcase, and also some songs from Sixteen Stone. As I expected they were wonderful, truly one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

April 12, 1996

My third concert, and well it was great. Dad drove me and a few friends down to New Haven (yes, he likes Bush). We arrived late, and I was rather disappointed, for I didn't want to miss a thing. We ran down tons of stairs, finally got in, and found our seats. They weren't the greatest, but they could have been worse. They were on row 40 and Section 2. When we walked in No Doubt was playing. Gwen looked so cute, she's such a doll. We only heard a few songs, but they were great. She so energetic, and fun. Next Goo Goo Dolls came on, and well, I hate to say this, but they were BORING!!! It seemed like they dragged on forever, or maybe cause I was waiting to see BUSH. And finally BUSH came onto stage. It was so thrilling, to hear so many other raving lunatics screaming for one hot guy...GAVIN!!! They played all of their songs from Sixteen Stone. The music was great, and it was cute when Gavin was on a speaker dancing around with his guitar. It was overall a good concert.